Atitlan Lake Green Impact Campus

Atitlan is one of Guatemala’s most beautiful natural marvels, a volcanic cloud forest lake surrounded by indigenous villages and green / social enterprise intentional expat communities, often powered by holistic sciences, spirituality and regenerative events. Bringing together the different talents, offerings and spaces, the entire lake forms an open air green university, capable of receiving seekers and empowering them with any training future changemakers could ask for.

Green Living Made Easy!

Green Impact Entrepreneurship has never been more accessible. Here on Atitlan Alliance we teach all you need to know to incubate regenerative businesses, find land and funding and contribute your part to making the world a better place

“The Best Lifestyle for Those Who Really Care"

There's nothing quite like being part of the new paradigm sphere. The deep knowledge of how to show up as the medicine workers for the new earth connects our most beautiful beings. Immersed so deeply into green leadership, social enterprise design and sustainable real estate development we are building an impact campus at the Atitlan Lake with high aspiration.
Be the Change!

More Offerings that Count

Between all of us we have a plethora of offerings ranging from green design to spirit entrepreneurship, regenerative economy incubation and founder’s health, medicine foods/practices and retreat space architecture, consulting and more. Dive in and enjoy the divine quality of so much talent coming together.

Local Gatherings & Events

On the ground here at the Atitlan Impact Campus we regularly gather and celebrate our regenerative enterprise progress and we invite potential tribe members from around the world to come visit us and see if it is for you. Join the green cause, find land and get started. We can help guide your journey.

Connect Directly with Changemakers

We are available for consulting, learning retreats, digital and real life green education offerings, creating regenerative business planning / pitching documents and selected local produce via our impact and indigenous products online shop among other things. Learn more and become a part of Familia.

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Our Vision for Atitlan

Atitlan, a.k.a. Elysium is a fast-evolving open air impact study campus resiliently and decentrally organizing to allow us to stay empowered to create the blueprints for a wider recovery of key altar land that upholds our hope and vision for the future.

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Image Sources: Atitlan Impact Campus, Pineal Pictures Photography